"Along with romantic love, physical beauty is probably the most destructive idea in the history of human thought. Both originate in envy, thrive in insecurity, and end in disillusion." -Toni Morrison 


Rose Hawthorne is anything but normal. She spoke her first sentence a few days after she was born and she was doing algebra before she even started kindergarten. What really sets her apart, though, is that Rose is so beautiful normal men go mad when they look at her face. Some cry, some get angry, but in the end it's all the same; they lose their minds. It didn't take Rose long to realize she didn't want the life of idol-worship society had to offer her, so at the age of fourteen, she took off on her own to live in seclusion. For a few years she enjoyed the quiet life, just her and her pet tiger Nallah, but she couldn't help but notice society was changing. Eventually she found out why when a young man followed her home. His name was Parker and he had a Gift like her face; he could make himself turn invisible. Rose is finally awakened to the reason she is the way she is: she is a part of an order of young people, currently between the ages of twelve and twenty-five, that all have Gifts beyond that of normal humans. There is one Gifted teen for every sign of the zodiac and they are destined to band together to fight the Infestation. The Infestation was the change Rose had been seeing in society. A foreign race of superior beings that can infiltrate human bodies and live through them has taken over. Rose and the other Gifted must become more than they ever thought possible to fulfill their destinies and save everything they've ever known. In a series of daring maneuvers and risky alliances being formed and broken, Rose finally brings the action to a head in the ultimate battle to reclaim her race.

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