Entry Four and Sixty.

So I have a blog, lol. I know that comes as a surprise to some of you because, you know, I don't blog as much as I used to. (And who are we really kidding? Aside from a pretty steady stream of Facebook rants, most of you never hear from me.)

That's partially because I am one of those people who, as the situation gets worse, I like pretend it's not happening. It's a really adult quality I have, I know, but the more I think about how I need to blog, the more daunting it seems. And to be honest, I feel like blogging when I have nothing to say is doing an injustice to you and me both. (Or at least that's what I tell myself.)

But now I've got news so I've returned to you all in a flurry of disorganization and starburst candies. I've started another novel series, and by started I mean I'm about 85% through the book. It's a gargantuan thing, and it's taken up a pretty large part of my creative mind for the last year, which is why I also need to apologize to many of you.

I absolutely promise that Book 3 in the Gifted series (The Infested) is happening and planned and will be published. However, who will be publishing that is still largely up for debate as, putting it nicely, I am less than pleased with my publishing house.

so. that being said.

The game plan is this: I'm going to try to get Amethyst of the Fringe (that nifty new project I mentioned) written and published with a house I trust. In a perfect world, that house would then be willing to look at my earlier works (The Gifted Series) and take on the publication of at least the 3rd and final book if not rereleasing the entire series.

In a terrible world,  no one wants to read Amethyst, I lose my house and my right leg, and then I self-publish The Infested because no matter what happens, I promise you chickies (and man-chickies) that I will finish the series and you can know how Rose and the others' stories end.

So rest assured there. I swear it's happening.

On another note.



Writing a thesis is a lot like setting yourself on fire and trying to roast marshmallows on your skin. It's not really that fun but it sounds kind of poetic in theory. All I can say is I'm thankful it's over, I learned soooooo much, and now I really really need a margarita. (Lol, I'M LEGAL NOW FOLKS.)

But now that my lovely, massive thesis is written, graded, and bound, I can focus on getting my author writing down! And in this pursuit, I have created a WattPad! Only I have no idea how to Wattpad. So bear with me as I try to learn ~technology~. I'm posting the chapters of Amethyst as I go back and edit them, so if you'd like to stay up-to-date on that little brain nugget, please feel free to check that out and heckle in the comment section as you see fit.

Here's the link for your stalking: https://www.wattpad.com/user/AnnaKathrynDavis

Love you all, little beautiful disasters. Can't wait to hear from you!

Peace, Love, and God Bless!


Entry Three And Sixty.


Y'all. I know it's been like twenty million years since I've posted and that's partly because I didn't even really think anyone was reading it anymore. Having a twitter and instagram and whatnot kind of makes putting off blogging easy because I feel like I'm keeping everyone up to date... HOWEVER. That is sloppy and I know it so here I am fulfilling blogging obligations and what not.

If you ~could not~ tell, I have the cover for the second book. Maybe it's tacky to say, but I really think the thing is pretty darn gorgeous. (And no, it had nothing to do with American Horror Story Freak Show. Lol, I know Rose's world gets a little weird but I assure you Parker shall not be growing lobster hands.) I got my hard proof in the mail about a week ago and those of you on the Facebook got to see me in my super professional pajamas crying like a weirdo. What can I say. I am a sappy human being.

It's so strange getting so near to the second book's release. I've done a lot of mapping for the series and it's looking like the final book may be this next one. There are a handful of things that go into this, of course, and I've weighed my options carefully, but I think after The Claimed, there will only be The Infested left to write. 

That is so stinking weird to me.

I can't really imagine what it will be like to not have Rose sitting in the back of my head ready to tell the next part of her story. I have a hard time imagining not knowing that infinite possibilities still exist in her world. Plus, this will kind of be my very first finished project. After The Gifted Series is over, I won't have any ties. Well, except for the one I'm working on now with a different series, but I'll get to that when it gets to a healthier stage. I can say this though: It's medieval which has been a BLAST to write and research.

But back to The Claimed. I took it on its first tour-isn event in Cedar Rapids, IA last weekend and I was really, really pleased with its reactions. I gave my first reading out of the text and believe it or not, my reading room had barely any sitting room left. (Those of you who are not small time writers probably don't understand how crazy exciting that is. Let's put it in this perspective: my first reading I had in Chattanooga had exactly ZERO people show up. For this one to fill up to capacity was a really big moment for me. Join in my Huzzahs.) 

The touring schedule for The Claimed is much smaller than for The Gifted and all I can say on that is that there have been some changes with the running of my publishing house and also with the amount of time I can give to the travel. Haha for those of you who don't remember, I'm also a full-time student on scholarship at Alabama and I'm closing in on my senior year. Stuff's getting crazy, yo. 

That being said, I do have some events lined up in Tennessee and a couple of writing workshops in Alabama. The dates are tentative for all but the Tennessee showings, but I don't have my confirmed itinerary for that one yet so as of now I can only give a vague grunt meaning they do exist.

Good news is, though, that hopefully The Claimed will be ready for printing in about a month's time. From there, it's kind of a toss up to say when it will be available in stores and Amazon (which always has the best price!) but we're shooting for February. Of course, there will be notifications plastered everywhere, if not tattooed to my eyelids, when I have a date.

With all this being said, I think I'm going to call it a night. I have a very antsy pug lying beside me, waiting for me to turn out the lights.

I hope you all sleep beautifully and have magical, wonderful dreams!!

Peace, Love, and God Bless,


Entry Two and Sixty.


Haha, sorry for the cheesy Mulan .gif (but in reality, why am I apologizing? That thing is awesome.) BUT IT APPLIES HERE BECAUSE I AM HERE AND I AM ALIVE AND I AM BLOGGING.

 ~Hell hath frozen over.~

I guess I can tell you all the obvious that I don’t blog as much with book two as I did with book one. Haha, there are a few reasons behind this that I will now present to you in a list of excuses.

  1. I’m in college now. Haha this is another obvious one, but it does make a huge difference. The Gifted went through the publishing process while I was in high school. I had nothing but time and minimal responsibilities so I spent all my time obsessing over this faaaaabulous website.

  2. This is my second book. ***DISCLAIMER*** I AM IN NO WAY SAYING I AM NOT EXCITED ABOUT THE BOOK. In fact I am so excited I could run a naked lap around my apartment complex. (But I won’t because like number one implies, I am now eligible for big girl jail.) I just mean that none of this is new to me. I know everything that is coming. It’s a little harder to get excited and blog about every little thing when I know that “Round one edits” takes about two months longer for me than the average one month. (This is less because I am an illiterate swine and more that my novels are averaging a 100,000 words more than most of my small publishing house’s other works.)

    I’m using a lot of parentheses today. Huh.

  3. I am promoting the first book. Haha unlike with The Gifted where I had nothing else other than my senior musical to deal with, I have the slight inconvenience of a book tour to contend with now. In the past year, I’ve been to nine conferences in seven different states, ON TOP of local book signings and writing workshops. It’s a great problem to have and I am toooootally loving getting to jet set all over the place, but it does make things a little harder to balance along with school.

    …Which, in case any of you are really interested in my non-writing life, I’m totally losing my mind at school. I did this dumb thing where I fell madly in love with my boyfriend and so now I’m trying to plan our futures accordingly so we don’t have to be in a stupidly long, long distance relationship. Those of you who know me outside the interwebs know I’m working towards a PhD in American Lit, which means that I have beaucoup of school left after I graduate undergrad. Currently, I’m trying to get into an early Masters program for dual enrollment in undergrad/grad and it is making me disgustingly stressed. *cue laughter-crying combo while rocking in the fetal position*

    Things would be a million billion times easier if Jacob and I broke up (don’t be shocked. I’ve told him a million times), however if it isn’t painfully obvious from my writing, I am a terrible romantic. I fall in love quickly and hard and then I am lost to my emotions. It’s a beautiful curse really. *sighs*

    But everything will work out. Maybe I won’t get into grad school and instead I shall go live under a bridge, giving $10 tattoos to other homeless people with my clothes-hanger-turned-tattoo-gun. Maybe I’ll even get a cool nickname, like Dragontongue or something. A girl can dream, right?

    What am I doing? This blog is weird.

    Okay, let me do a quick shout out before I move on to the question I HAVE RECEIVED AT LEAST FORTY TIMES (but that I don’t mind getting asked because honestly, it makes me get the warm and fuzzies inside).

    Shout outs to my loyal, loving fans who have made me inspired enough to keep writing even when I don’t want to do a thing but throw my forehead into a brick wall:

    Firstly, hugs and kisses to the lovely Mak, daughter of Miss Vallie Pate. Don’t think I don’t see all the instagram posts (and of course the emails!).

    Secondly, Maddie ONeal for bringing me to tears last night with one of the most heart-warming emails I have received in a long, long time. You will never know how much it means to have someone tell you that your work has influenced their lives.

    Thirdly and Fourthly, the beaaaaautiful ladies Jessica Bausch and Stacie Chlarson for hitting me up on Instagram with comments full of love and support and making me get those warm-and-fuzzies again.

    Oh, and Daniel Barber for threatening my life (literally) if I did not blog again.

    Hugs and kisses to you all (well, maybe not Daniel…) and a million, billion thank you’s. *Bows at your feet eternally*



    A – I HAVE NO IDEA. Haha, okay, that’s a total lie. It is just funny because it would make so many of you angry. (Which… is not funny… because I love you all.) We are tentatively looking at late December 2014, though if any of you followed the blog from the beginning, you’ll remember that dates change a lot along the way. I am going to guess that production will begin in January and it will be released exclusively through the publishers then. As for the book stores release, that is harder to guess because it depends on the Market Standards that season.

    Tl;dr? The Claimed will probably be able to be read in January 2015.


    I love you all and send you all warm, warm thoughts!

    As always,

    Peace, Love, and God Bless.



Entry One and Sixty

Let me start by saying that if my boyfriend brings this blog up in conversation, I will remove his fingers from his body. YES I AM SERIOUS, JACOB.

Haha but HELLLLLLLLLO Internet reader!!!! I had to start with my weird little disclaimer because, as any of you who have met me in real life know, I turn into a stage five awkward child when anyone tells me they read my blog in person. It's like I think this thing is my super public diary that no one actually reads (even though the page count is above 30,000?) and a lot of the time I think you all aren't really real.... What does that say for my sanity?

But new news! (Isn't that pleasant to say? New news? Newly known news now noted! WOO ALLITERATION.) 

Let's start with my life since the last time I updated you on my pitiful existence. Hm.

MileHiCon 45 - I had the fabulous opportunity to be a guest author in Denver, Colorado this past November. That was kind of beautiful. I met some really, really cool people and somehow managed to get myself invited back. So next year, I guess if any of you happen to be Colorado natives, you should come see me (and not tell me you read the blog so I don't turn into an awkward lump of human flesh).

Icon 28 - My heart was stolen from me at the con in Cedar Rapids, Iowa! I only got to stay a day as an author guest due to a family emergency, but I have never been surrounded by so many talented, kind hearted people! I met some wickedly cool artists and authors while there, and GET THIS: I had a book signing at a Barnes and Noble there, AND PEOPLE SHOWED UP FOR ME. *cue death scene* But in all seriousness, though. That moment, when I looked up with awkward Starbucks foam on my lip to see people in my line who actually showed up because of me and not because they liked my shoes and wanted to ask where I got them. That moment made my entire life. (I also asked to have a picture with them. Yes, *I* asked *them*. I think I broke some sacred writer's law or something, but ehh.)

Oh! I must have been liked at Icon because I was invited back there again, too! Haha so if any of you are near Cedar Rapids, Iowa, I would love the opportunity to meet you there next October!!

Boskone 51 - In ~3 weeks, I will be on a plane with my best friend/personal assistant/itinerary keeper/person-who-makes-sure-I-eat-and-take-my-medicine to Boston for my largest Con yet! I was blessed enough to be invited to spend 5 days as a guest author at the Boskone conference! It should be absolutely wonderful and I am sure I will return with infinitely many embarrassing stories to regale to you all in another horribly delayed blog.

Side note, but Kat is currently blowing air on Butters' face and he is making the most heinous noise. Why is this my life. Just kidding; I love it.

More news. I got a boyfriend. Ha. He told me to tell you that. He's pretty cute, but don't tell him that because his head is already ridiculously big. (; Just kidding, you all would probably like him. He actually is the one who reminded me to post this... and he catches my writing discrepancies. (Gasp. I know, who knew I made mistakes?)

Oh, just a small bit of news I almost forgot:


*Cue confetti and mariachi band and little girls with sparklers running up and down the imaginary aisles and people with trumpets and fireworks and trained elephants and everything else that is magical and wonderful in the world* THATS RIGHT  BROCHACHOS. I FINISHED THE SEQUEL. IT'S HAPPENING. Haha I may be ~6 months behind my original deadline, but let's just ignore that and celebrate that it exists now. So, like, if I were to die in a horrible accident - say mauled by those elephants I mentioned earlier - you would still get to know what happens next because the book exists somewhere for someone to read. Now, of course, I still have 2 more installments planned in the series, so none of you should go assassinating me just yet... (Can I be assassinated? Or just murdered? When can one apply assassination instead of just regular ole homicide? Let it be noted I would prefer for it to say I was assassinated.)

 I'm getting slightly bored of writing this. So let me go ahead and answer my question and wash my hands of this madness. This question was submitted to me by one of the writing groups from Icon!

Question: What is my opinion on agents?

Answer: I think agents can be a wonderful tool, but I don't think you have to have one. Now days, it's easier to get discovered without an agent. Small press houses (like my own) don't require having an agent to get recognized. Of course, having one can greatly alleviate some of the stresses of knowing who to contact, how to contact them, etc. but agents also take a portion of your earnings aaaaand some agents aren't looking out for your best interests. 

I would say that if you can find an agent you trust, who really is exclusive and who is looking out for your best interests, then definitely go for it! But you don't need to have one. I didn't when I first signed with Tate. Now, I wouldn't be able to manage my life without one now, haha, but that's partly because I'm insane. So use your own judgment!

 That's all I have for now! I should be adding to the HNP section soon aaaaaand adding a new vlog about the plot of the Claimed soon enough!! Stay tuned!!

 Peace, Love, and God Bless!


Posted on: January 21, 2014 11:56 PM

Entry Sixty


(That was my attempt at a death march. Did anyone catch it? I hope it didn't sound more like the wedding march because the more times I'm reading it, the more of that vibe I'm getting. Sigh. I tried.)

Anyways. HELLLLLO. Yes, I am alive. No, I did not disappear from the face of the [internet] earth for good, but I felt the need to do my little "death march" gig up there because, for some of you, I've seemed a little bit dead. I APOLOGIZE and I make no excuses. I'm just a terrible person. Please don't abandon my fandom.

Anywho, if you guys are up for forgiving my hiatus, I'd like to jump back into things and random on about my life and the book and pretty much everything good and wonderful in the world.

So. Book. Let's start with the one that is currently out.

The Gifted (Book One). 

Can I kiss all of your feet? (Figuratively. I love me sci-fy fans, but I've seen y'all at conferences. Aint nobody going near your feet with their mouth by choice.) But seriously. You all have made the first debut months of the novel a complete success. I'm talking sold-out venues and best-seller lists for some towns. It's really so surreal and I do appreciate all the love and support you've given me. Though, I won't kid myself. I know most of it is not because you love me, but more because you find Alexa hilarious. (One of your words, not mine.)

I am continuing with the promotion tour for Book One and am eager to come see you if any of you are interested! I will be at MileHi Con in Denver, Colorado October 18,19, and 20th. Also, I will be atIcon38 on November 15, 16, and 17th in Cedar Rapids Iowa. I'm not sure if any of you are in that vicinity but if so, I strongly suggest you stop by! I'll be taking part in panels, giving readings, and playing grown-up. It should definitely be interesting.

But for those of you who are not in Iowa or Colorado, I still want to meet/talk to you!! It may seem cheesy, but my fans make my day.  I've over shared before about my anxiety/depression so many of you avid fans are aware of that. However, I am not kidding when I say hearing from a fan makes my whole week. I want to give back to you all in any way that I can. If you and a couple of friends who read the book (or are interested in reading it!) want to grab coffee one day and chat writing, I am totally down for trying to make that happen. If you have a small group who might be interested in hearing about it, I would love to make an appearance. If budgets won't allow for traveling, I am a skype fiend and would love to make a virtual appearance. Anyway I can let you all know how much I appreciate you is something I want to hear about. Feel free to email me (annakathryndavis@aol.com) and I will do my absolute best to set something up!! SERIOUSLY, I LOVE YOU GUYS.

Now. On to Book Two: The Claimed.

I've told y'all fifty million times that it is almost done and I'm just going to stop doing that because I am determined I'm jinxing myself. Haha, no, sadly the second installment is not completed,  but I swear on my heart that it IS being worked on and it WILL happen as soon as I am able to make my artistic juices flow. 

Personal Life:

Besides the whirlwind, wrecking-ball disaster that is my love life, things have been pretty good on the life end. I won't go into all the gory details about the stresses of my personal life, but they have been quite a few here in 2013. Let's just say I'm pretty sure "13" isn't my lucky number and I will be glad when 2014 gets here. However, my dismal luck in my personal department bodes well for you all because it has given me some truly heart breaking, painful moments to draw from, and because of that, I feel that Rose's characterization in The Claimed is incredibly authentic. Hopefully because I'm taking such a huge amount of time to get it right, it will pay off and really make the second novel even better than the first.

Academically, I've pretty much organized up my life for the next eight odd years. (As if any of you care..) I'm officially an English major, double minoring in sociology and creative writing. The end goal is to get that beautiful PhD, probably in American Lit but who knows. I am a free spirit. Maybe I'll drop out and join an indigenous tribe somewhere and put a bowl in my ear. That's normal, right?

Butters is still horrible as ever. In fact, he's probably more awful. College has ruined him because there is always someone wanting to procrastinate their work to play with a hyperactive pug. He is spoiled rotten and by far the worst dog I've ever had. But I love him. Enjoy this hideous picture of him:



Lastly, The Human Narrative Project

This project is one that I feel will be a huge part of my life. I don't plan on finishing it this year or next or maybe in ten, but it's definitely something so big and important to me, that I can't see myself abandoning it. I went on my self-discovery trip across the country and learned soooo much more about people and life than I thought I would. We slept in my car and in tents in national parks and it was absolutely wonderful. Here's the stereotypical photo of me staring into the Grand Canyon as proof:




The trip showed me how much more I have to learn with this project, and because of that, I've adjusted my constraints to allow myself more diverse answers. I am now willingly accepting volunteers for the project to be interviewed. It doesn't matter if I know you or not or if you think you have anything interesting to say. I promise you that you do and that I want to hear it. If you are willing to participate, please send me an email and we can work something out! 

Okay, so that should be enough for now. Let me go ahead and answer a [long overdue] question! This one comes from Rory Davis in North Carolina!

Question: Am I working on anything other than the Gifted series and would I consider publishing any other YA series?

Answer: Assuming you meant anything other than the Gifted series and the Human Narrative Project, the answer is yes. I have one other project that I am actively writing regularly, though it is NOTHING like The Gifted. It is not suitable for my YA crowd (nothing promiscuous, stop those thoughts. I won't be pulling fifty shades of anything on y'all). It's just much more raw fiction and it deals with much darker themes. It is also probably going to be a novella. I don't want to say much on it now, except that if it turns out the way I want, this would be the work that I would want to define me as an author. NO PRESSURE, RIGHT?

But as for other YA series, I do actually have another three series mapped and started and roughly four more in the skeletal phases. They will honestly probably go on the back-burner until I finish The Forgotten (the last in the Gifted series). However, a lot of things can change for me pretty quickly, so I will never say never! I will say, though, that I stay true to my love of supernatural/superhuman elements and strong female protagonists throughout! (;

That's all I have for now, guys! I hope you all have a safe, fabulous week!!!

Peace, Love, and God Bless!


Entry Nine and Fifty

Hello, Hello, hello!

I know it's been a while since I last blogged, but that's mainly for a few reasons!
The biggest reason is probably that I'm no longer in the middle of all the slap-happy editing and publishing process so I don't feel super strung out if I don't give y'all step-by-step updates of how the novel is progressing, because, well, it's already out! Of course, by some of the messages some of you have left me on the facebook page and through emails, haha I would guess you are not of the same mindset. That's completely fine! I love updating you all in a psychotic rambling on my life.

So sit down, strap in, and prepare yourself for a long, drawn-out blogging experience! WOOOO!
Firstly, let me give a big thank you to the glorious ones of you who supported The Gifted in its debut! You made it a highly successful debut week for me, and the amount of responses I have received has truly touched my heart.  You all bought out EVERY SINGLE COPY Books A Million warehouses purchased from my publishing house, and somehow, within the month, y'all managed to wipe out Amazon's supply, too! I know that stinks for those of you wanting to buy it right now, but it's totally awe-inducing news for me as the author. (And no worries, if you weren't able to obtain a copy. I have learned today that Books A Million and Barnes and Noble have already received their newest shipments of the book, and Amazon is receiving there's very soon!)

I also had some really cool events that I participated here in, recently, that have made me fall even more in love with being an author. Firstly, of course, I had the signing at Crestwood Coffee Company in Birmingham. That was wonderful! For those of you who live in the Birmingham area, I would strongly recommend stopping by there. It's a beautiful little coffee shop with an eclectic, cozy vibe - the perfect place for writing or reading!

I also spoke at the Shelby County Write Connection conference for middle schoolers, and I can honestly say that I have never enjoyed a conference so much. I've spoken at quite a few of them, I promise, but there was something so magical about the enthusiasm of the group and their feedback. It was seriously one of the best experiences I've had with sharing my passion and I'm beyond eager to return next year if they'll have me! *wink wink*

And finally, but of course not leastly (roll with it), I had my meet and greet this past week at the North Shelby Library where I somehow sold out of every copy of the book I had! I had to drive around later in the week to finish delivering all of the copies purchased, and truthfully, all I can say is that I am at a loss for words. The Gifted being added to Oak Mountain's summer reading list and having kids not only want to read it, but to go so far as to say they've already reread it truly makes me want to squeal with happiness and die in this moment because I don't think I'll ever be happier.

Oh, and when I met the girl at the meet and greet who told me it was her favorite book she'd ever read, and then instagrammed a picture captioning me as her "favorite author" I think I might have just died a little from sheer happiness. Words honestly cannot express the feeling something like that does to you.  As an artist, it's gratifying to know people appreciate your work, but as a human, to know that other people are finding joy in a world you created? It's pure magic. Honestly, there is no other word for it.

Moving on (even though I could truthfully talk about how happy all this had made me for the rest of eternity)...

I'd hit a little bit of a snag with The Claimed (the sequel) but I think I'm finally working my way out of it.  For those of you who don't know me personally, my health hasn't been the greatest for about three months now and it's been a little difficult for me to find the balance. Among other things, I suffer from anxiety and depression. I don't say this because I want any kind of sympathy, but more-so so that any of you who also battle these illnesses can know you're not alone and that they do not have to rule your life. I've always had anxiety and depression, but in recent months, other things with my health and in my personal life have made my symptoms much stronger which has kind of thrown a weird wrench into my daily life. Depression is a frustrating illness because it clouds my creative process. It's kind of like it throws a blanket over my inspiration. I can feel what I want to write and see that it's there, but when it comes to actually putting it down in detail, I'm blind. It's been a juggling act these past few months trying to get to a healthy enough state where I could create again.

BUT I think I have finally found the other side of the canyon and am emerging out! I tell you all this to ask that you all please be patient with me with the writing. I promise with every fiber in my body that I am working my hardest to get The Claimed written. It's just that to create a world with only your imagination, you have to be able to be at peace with your own thoughts, and for someone with my illness, it is a constant battle. But like I said, I'm on the upper side and everything is looking wonderful and perfect currently, and with my current outline, I hope to be done with the manuscript in roughlyFORTY-FIVE days. I should be posting a tab for The Claimed sometime soon to post sneak peaks into the book and things of that nature, so if you're ready for The Gifted's sequel, be sure to tune in there!

 If you've been following the Human Narrative Project, I have some news for you! I am posting the video from my Birmingham interviews some time tonight or tomorrow. I had to post-pone my cross-country trip by a few weeks due to my health, but it's finally back on, and I am planning for some time around the end of July to head out and really start diving into that research. I'm going to stay mum on that topic just for now, because there's something really funny that I think I will share with all of you about that trip, but I will wait for it to be concrete before I throw it out there on the interwebs where I can't unsay it.

Man, I'm all about those italics tonight, aren't I?

Personal life note: I'm headed out to the mountains next weekend to unplug and write. I will probably post a photo of my view when I get there (instagram: @annaKathryndavis) but after that, I am cutting myself off from the outside world for 4 days to really hammer out a big chunk of The Claimed. Don't worry. I do have someone going with me to remind me to eat something other than blueberries and PepsiMax, so I'm like 95% sure I'll survive the week.

Personal life side note #2: those of you who follow the facebook fan page know this, but I haven't posted it on here yet. I finally got my pug! Gifted Fans, meet Dr. Hawthorne Hemingway Buttersworth (a.k.a. Butters)!


Don't let his cuteness fool you. He's currently teething and I think he might actually be part-demon... but we shall see.


Oh! Personal life side note #3: I got another tattoo! (For those of you who don't know, I have "Forgiveness" in Hebrew on my ankle.) I have a firm belief that every tattoo should have a story, so here's mine if you want to hear it. (Which of course you do because this is my blog that you are reading so you should want to know every aspect of my life. Duh.)


When talking to my creative writing professor about my depression and how I was struggling to create, she told me something that just stuck with me like glue. She said: Often, we are told that the most important thing for us in life is to be happy, that that's all that we should think is acceptable and anything else is wrong. However, we forget one of the biggest metaphors in life: the changing of night to day. Just like you can't live your entire life in sunlight, you can't always expect to be happy. There are going to be periods of darkness, but instead of trying to get over them and change them, you should accept them as apart of the cycle and find beauty in them where you can. So, from that, I was inspired to tattoo the sun and moon onto my wrist to remind me that, through everything, the sun will return, but there is beauty in the metaphorical nights of life and that everything will continue on, despite my own stresses. Haha go ahead and laugh, calling me a hippie child. I know it. What can I say? I'm an artist. My mother knows it... though when she saw the tattoo, all she did was shake her head and tell me she's "ready for me to be out of this phase."


Okay. That's a lot of rambling for tonight. Let me go ahead and answer a question!
Tonight's question comes from Michaela Martin from Shelby County!

Question: How do you stay organized when you write so that you don't end up writing about things all over the place?

Answer: Well, it's kind of funny, because I don't know if my answer will help you. For me, it depends on what exactly I am trying to write. For Rose's story with The Gifted, I am the most organized out of any writing project I've ever done. I have general ideas for where I'm going and that's pretty much more than I've ever done for most of my pieces. Haha, that's why I say that I may not be much help on this topic.

For me, the flow of the writing comes naturally. That is NOT to say that I don't go all over the place. But that is good!!! As an artist, you WANT to do that! First drafts are supposed to be crazy and a little mucky; that's why you edit! Letting your artistic juices flow out in different directions while writing is how something beautiful and unexpected can be born. I would say knowing where you want to go as far as point a to point b is helpful, but you don't necessarily have to know where you want it to end when you start. 98% of my endings are not determined until I reach them because I think letting the plot naturally progress makes the writing more believable.

However, my writing style requires a lot of editing...as in, cutting 100,000 words editing. If that's not your fancy (let's face it: what psycho other than me would want to work this way?) I would say that making a skeletal outline of where you want to go might help. Christopher Paolini, author of the Inheritance Cycle had incredibly intricate outlines for his novels and that worked for him because I assume it helped keep him on task. If you've met me in person though, (as I know Michaela has since she was at my last speech!) you might be able to tell what a spazz I am. Writing for me is so organic and such an extension of myself that I just have to kind of spazz it out in a word document and let it come as it wants.

The main thing is to find what works best for you. So many writers differ on how they plan their writings and their own styles. It should be a personal thing unique to you and don't let anything I or anyone else says to you influence how you feel you write the best. Ultimately, you should write how you feel the most inspired!

I hope that helped some! I plan to post pictures to the Gifted Fans page tonight! If you see yourself, please send me your name so I can add it if I haven't already!!

I hope you guys have an absolutely magical Memorial Day!! God Bless our veterans!

Peace, Love, and God Bless!

Entry Eight and Fifty

Hellllllllo there!

So, big news, big news! This time tomorrow, The Gifted will be available in any bookstore in the United States and will be available to order internationally through Amazon.com. Please take a moment and run around the room with me screaming and fist-punching the air. 

Also, I have a hundred-percent confirmation that The Gifted has been added to Oak Mountain High School's summer reading list for Summer 2013! Haha I don't know whether to say thank you to everyone who rallied together to make that possible or apologize to all the students who will stay up until midnight the night before the first day of class writing a book report on Rose's character flaws. Though I can say this for the latter issue: if that is the case, feel free to email me and I can give you a lengthy quote to take up a chunk of your overall word count. (;

But in all seriousness, I have been beyond blessed with everything and how everyone has responded to the novel. It hasn't even officially released stores yet and I've sold over 100 copies. That is so incredibly humbling that I cannot even fathom how much I am affected by it. You people make this worth it; you made my dreams a reality and I can never repay you for that. So the best that I can do is try to write you a stellar sequel in as little time as possible and get this series cranked out so you don't have to wait long between book gaps!

Let me get a little [more] serious with you all for a moment, too. If you haven't noticed, I had a pretty long hiatus between this blog and the last and I feel that I need to explain myself to a certain degree. I struggle a lot with whether or not to over share for the sake of possibly helping others and keeping my own business private, especially in this blog. So hopefully I'll get the balance right, here, but if not... well, I guess then you'll see a part of me I never really intended. Haha you could benefit either way! (Unless you, of course, realize how crazy I am, and well, then.... nevermind.)

I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder some time ago and have always been pretty good at managing it. Of course I have my good days and my bad days like anyone with a sickness, but in the past two and a half months, I've had some major life changes that made me very unlike myself. (But really, just ask my poor roommates.) I had gotten to the point where I was too stressed to function, couldn't write, couldn't sleep, or eat. I lost roughly thirty pounds in a little over a month. So obviously I was very unhealthy.

HOWEVER, I have finally been stabilized on my medication and the correct therapy regiment and I can assure you that the some-what functional me (who is crazy, still, but in a more endearing kind of way and less like I should be committed) is back to stay. My brief dip into what I consider to be one of the lowest points in my oh-so-long life has done something that I like to think had changed my life for (what I hope) is the better.

I've had a life change. I dropped my English-Biology double major and have abandoned the pre-med tract. Haha before all of you start thinking that I've lost my mind, don't worry. I did that a long time ago. No, but really. What I've decided is that I want to major in English and minor in sociology. I can graduate next summer with that degree and get my masters by the time I'm 22. I'm hoping to get my doctorate around the age of 26, maybe sooner if I'm lucky.  The end goal is to be an English professor, but more-so than that, I've been struggling for a long time to understand what it is that I want to do and what I feel like I'm supposed to do. 

I am fully capable of being a biology major. I'm not failing any of my premed classes; in fact, I have above a 4.0. I just don't get the same enjoyment out of them that I do out of English, and especially now that I've got a clearer understanding of what I want out of life. I want to see the world and experience it and change people's lives for the better. Something I've said for as long as I can remember is that I want at least one person to attend my funeral saying "My life was changed for the better because I knew her." For the longest time I thought I had an obligation to be a doctor because I had the mental and economic capabilities to do so and that it was my only option to positively help people, but my opinion about that has changed.

I have this idea, and it's completely insane, but it has literally consumed me and that has made me ridiculously happy. Something that I've always believed about writing is that it is the one thing that can connect people in the deepest core of who they are in a way that nothing else can. Writing is the human experience, personified. I've always believed that, and so when I write, I've always tried to write how I feel emotions are honestly portrayed. Don't get me wrong; I know The Gifted isn't a thrilling insight into the human condition. That wasn't my point in writing it. But I do think that Rose is honestly flawed in the most human ways possible and I did that with purpose because to me, that is what writing should be: honest human emotion.

Now let me bring this full circle: Having gone through what I have, I learned something very vital: I have learned a new a emotion that is stronger than almost anything I have ever felt, so strong that it actually changed who I was dramatically. Love is a powerful thing, and something that changed me slowly, but heartbreak is something that changes you instantly. I had never really experienced this before, that pain of feeling that depth of loss, and I wasn't sure what to do with it. How could I write honestly about the emotions of being human if all of a sudden I had a HUGE, powerful emotion sitting right in front of me that I didn't even have the first idea at how to understand?

So I've done a little soul searching and I've found myself, I guess. I walked through the valley of death, if you will, and I'm just now making it out on the other side and my time in the "darkness" has inspired me to do something that might turn out to be a total failure. I have decided that I am going to try to define what it is to be human, or at least what it is to feel human.

And I have no idea how it will turn out. Haha, I fully intend to keep you all posted on my woes and my triumphs as it goes, but instead of answering a question this blog, I thought I would give you a detailed layout into what I plan on doing (and if any of you have any suggestions, I would TOTALLY love to hear them because I am seriously running on just spur-of the moment ideas.)

It started with this: I wanted to stand at the edge of the Grand Canyon, my feet just at the edge, and scream as loud as I could. I wanted to feel so insignificantly small and realize just how big the world is, but more than that, I wanted to understand. So I texted my cousin and told her that the last week of May, I was going to set out across the country and turn a 12 hour drive to the Grand Canyon into a week long trip to discover who I was by understanding other people. Work with me here: I wanted to stop in every little bitty town that no one ever stopped into and I wanted to explore it, meet the people who lived there, and talk to them. I was hoping that by talking to them, I would broaden my understanding of what it meant to be a person, and understand myself more. (There is a reason I write books. Who's mind works like that? A crazy person's.)

Once my cousin agreed she would come with me, partially because she wanted a vacation, too, but also because I think she was somewhat worried for my mental state, I started thinking about what I wanted to get out of talking to these people. What did I want to learn from the cashier at the gas station in Louisiana or the hotel bus boy in Arizona? What did I want to get from all of it?

And then it hit me. I am currently taking sociology (which for you noncollege-y people, it's basically the study of society and how people function within it) and I like it a lot. I like the way it scientifically breaks apart the aspects of culture and human interaction because, as a writer, that's how I always observed the world. (So that's where there the minor in sociology came from, from my major change, mentioned earlier.)

So to tie this together, I've decided to write something that may or may not turn into anything. I want to take this trip across America, piece by piece, and try to define what it is to be human, what ties us all together, and then I want to take whatever I collect, and turn it into a human narrative, if you will. I want to go to all these places and ask people about the moments that defined their lives. I don't know if they'll talk to me (I am kind of unprofessional looking, most of the time. I mean, I'm a five foot two college kid with purple hair) but I'm hoping that they will. I want to take their stories and then turn them into fiction, narrate them so that they all tie together with a central theme of what connects us all as humans. Like I said, it may turn out to be a complete and total failure, but even if it does, I know that I can only gain more understanding from this, and nothing is more important to a writer than understanding the world in which we live.

So this is why I have changed my major, because I feel that passionately about this. I want to connect people through my writing by using real-life experiences and scientific research to somehow weave together a piece of art that, will hopefully, make at least one person not feel alone. Cheesy? Yes. Completely terrifying? Ohhh yes. Am I completely and utterly excited? You have no freaking idea.

So what I plan on doing is this: I will blog every day that I am on the road trip recapping my journey. I plan on talking to homeless people, people alone in restaurants, cashiers, street vendors, and pretty much anyone who will talk to me, so I'm sure I will get some pretty interesting things eventually.

Up until I actually leave for the trip (which is roughly a month away) I will post the "itinerary" and the constraints I intend to set to keep the research as scientific as possible and to make sure that what I am using to buiild my theme is as honest and truthful as possible. 

Of course, once I'm actually gone, y'all may want to tune into the blog pretty religiously, because I can guarantee that it is going to be a complete and utter mess. Haha, two girls (one is 18 and one is 21) driving halfway across the country without a real map, talking to complete strangers, and sleeping in my car a couple of nights. I promise you, there will be SOMETHING to make you laugh.

Basically what I want is this: at the end of it, whether I get enough information to write the narrative I want or not, I want to come back home changed. I want to understand what it is to be human: beautifully flawed with heartbreaks and inspiring stories of resilience. I want to cry. I want to laugh. I want to be completely and utterly changed to the deepest parts of who I am. And I want to take all of you there with me, which is why I will be blogging about the experience, and probably vlogging through the YouTube channel so you can see the transformation as it happens, too. 

Now, if you're worried that this means I won't write The Claimed (Gifted sequel) then you are worrying for nothing, because, if anything, it's only going to help me. I feel inspired again, like my writing has a purpose, and I know that will only spill over into my other works, too, including my YA fiction series. This is just where I feel like I need to be, guys, and I have never felt so passionately or so rightabout anything else in my life. 

Oh, and before I forget, if you're going to be in the BIRMINGHAM, AL area this SATURDAY, APRIL 13, 2013, I will be doing a book signing at the CRESTWOOD COFFEE CO. there from 1PM to 3PM. Books will be available in stores starting tomorrow (Tuesday, EEEEEK!) so you can pick up one from a store and bring it over to be signed, or buy one from my specifically! If you already have a copy and want it signed, or just want to stop to talk about the book, please do so! I'd love to talk to you!! Can't wait to see you all there!! (:

 But that's all I have now folks! I should be posting more later this week or next about the specifics of the trip, so if any of you have suggestions (places I must visit, ideas for cheap food/travel arrangements, etc) then I'm all ears! I am a college kid, after all! (;

 Y'all have an absolutely magical week! (:

Peace, Love, and God Bless!



Oh, P.S.

My roommate says hello and "Hi Mom!"

Posted on: April 8, 2013 7:56 PM

Entry Seven and Fifty

Hello to you, and you, and youuuu. (For some reason, I was singing that in my head and felt like being a complete freak and typing it here.)

I hope that you, dear internet traveler, are having an absolutely magical day! I'm currently at work (my on-campus job) and thought I'd be a little faux-rebel and blog while I'm here. My timing outside of work and class is virtually nonexistent, as of late. I made a mistake this semester by taking six core-classes, BUT I now know not to do that again. Haha, seventeen hours of pure science and English is, believe it or not, somewhat stressful. It's okay, though. I see the light at the end of the tunnel! Only three and a half weeks until Spring Break and then I come back to class for three weeks before finals. So, roughly six more weeks of actual class before I have roughly three months of just relaxing, working at my job back home, and writing. That's FABULOUS news for you people, too, because that means that The Claimed will finally have a shot at being finished!!

Writing has been a little bit of a struggle for me since coming to college. I think it's probably the mix of the workload, stress, and the fact that when I actually do have free-time, all I want to do is read or vegetate or do anything other than think, and writing, unfortunately, requires a lot of thinking for me. I read somewhere that all writers get to a point where, when writing professionally, they feel as if the only way they can make themselves finish a piece is if they imagine a man holding a gun to the back of their head until they meet their daily goal. That doesn't work for me, or at least, it doesn't yet. 98% of the time when I try to force myself to write on a piece that I'm just not feeling, everything that I write turns out to be complete excrement that just has to be cut later. I'm working on it, but it's something that I'm really struggling with the second novel.

I love Rose and the rest of the Gifted. I love their story, I love the way they're growing up right in front of me, and I love the way I feel when I look down at my laptop screen and realize I've made another world. However, as of late, I think the stress of getting the second novel out has made it a little difficult for me to remember why I love to write. Please don't misunderstand me: I love that people are ready for the second installment! I love speaking at conferences and workshops and having people already having read the book and wanting to know what comes next. It is truly the most rewarding thing as a writer to know that people are connecting with your characters and are rereading the novel before it's even hit stores! I love love love ALL of these things, but they also play in to the stress. 

Maybe if I wasn't as addicted to chaos as I am, I would take a semester off school and finish writing Rose's story, or at least the second book. Unfortunately, I am ridiculously organized as far as my "lists" go, and my list for the next three years (and the outline for the next 8) just wont allow that. I hope you're laughing, or at least shaking your head, because I understand how completely ridiculous that is. What's that quote? "Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans." Yeah, I'm basically a big hypocrite because I believe in that quote whole heartedly, but I still have an entire planner and notebook of goal lists and plans for how to achieve them. I don't know what will happen, of course, but the way I keep control over all the crazy that is my life and schedule is through these lists and plans. I might end up taking time off from school to write, or maybe I'll change my majors, or anything. For now, though, I have to ask you lovely people to bare with me as I write The Claimed, promoteThe Gifted, work my two other jobs, and go to school full time as a double major. (See how crazy busy that sounds when laid out like that?)

On a little side note, this is the first blog I've written since speaking at the Write Connection conference for Shelby County schools! If you're now following this blog because of meeting me there, let me give you a big hello! That was one of my favorite things I've done as a writer, yet, because it was the first time I got to connect with other young people passionate about writing but who were also right in my age range and, some of them, from where I grew up. I loved getting to talk to everyone and having the chance to hear everyone's stories. Let me give this disclaimer: if you emailed me after the conference, thank you! I should be finishing with the replies this afternoon. There were nearly 40 of you - which is totally awesome! - so it's taken me a little while to give you each the individualized reply you deserve!

If you didn't attend that conference and would still like to meet me (I am awkwardly charming, I promise!) you're in luck! The Gifted officially launches in bookstores nationwide APRIL 9, 2013 and come April13, 2013 at 1:00 pm, I will be doing the first signing POST release at Crestwood Coffee Co. in Birmingham! More information will be posted under the "Appearances" tab on the left! I'd love to see you all, even if you haven't bought the book! I just enjoy talking to people and getting to hear what they think of the story! I hope you can all make it!! (:

But okay! Let's answer a question, shall we? (: This one comes from Christian Tidwell in Shelby County!

Question:  In the past, I've mentioned the Catch-22 of the writing industry involving agents and publishing houses. Can I elaborate on that and do I have any tips on getting your foot in the door a little more easily?

Answer: Well, for those of who who have never heard one of my fabulous speeches (a big LOL right there), I talk about the Catch-22 in the writing field a lot. Basically, it's this: in order to get picked up by a publishing house, you must first have an agent. In order to get an agent, you should be previously published. It's a maddening circle because most publishing houses won't even open "amateur" submissions (submissions made from anyone other than a literary agent) and most literary agents receive so many requests, many of them make previous publication a requirement for consideration.  

My recommendation for new writers trying to establish themselves and get agents to notice them is this: compete. Enter yourself in writing competitions. If you're a high schooler, don't be afraid to enter competitions for adults, too. Enter a lot of them. Even if you don't win, most competitions will have judges distinguished in their fields that will offer you some kind of feedback you can improve upon. Keep entering them until you've won enough that you've developed a little bit of a following, or at least have the ability to be "Googled" and your winnings come up. These awards are things you can show an agent to help them take you seriously as a writer and to actually look at your stuff.

Now, I tell everyone this whenever I speak, and I know you are wondering if there is anything else, anything new I might not have said before. I would also say that networking is vital. Be nice to everyone you meet. You should do this anyways, but it can also be beneficial when trying to make a name for yourself.  Being someone that people want to talk to and listen to is important, because you want your name to be the first name that comes to mind if any of those people are ever in a position to pass on a name to someone important. 

Also, making a name for yourself via the internet can also be helpful. Make a Youtube channel of you reading your works, or make a tumblr, or a blog, or a facebook page or anything to get you and your work out there. The more people who see your work, the bigger the chance that someone with the power to help you will hear about it. 

Those are the best options I can think of for now! I hope this helped, and thanks for the email! (:


That's all for now, guys! Until next time, I hope you all have magical, wonderful days! (;

Peace, Love, and God Bless!


Posted on: February 27, 2013 1:16 PM

Entry Six and Fifty.

Hello, dear friend. I know it's been a little while since I've blogged, but that's become the story of my life with this thing, so instead of making up some crazy excuses, I'll just go about my bloggy business like nothing is the matter.

First: The first (unofficial) book signing went so ridiculously well, y'all! I went in with the goal of selling 10, and I sold nearly 50. You guys truly, truly blessed me and I can never put into enough words how much it warmed my heart to have so many of you come out and support! I'm still collecting pictures of all of you with the novel, so don't think I've forgotten! I'd expect them to be up on the blog sometime this week, or whenever I get my head screwed on correctly long enough to remember to do it.

Also, if you're wondering why I said the book signing was unofficial, it's because the book is technically not available for purchase yet. Basically, that just means it's not in retailers. Come APRIL 9, 2013The Gifted will be available in any book store in America, through Amazon, and in all ebook forms. Everyone take a second to let that sink in. You feel it? That's called FREAKING AWESOME. (Yeah... just go with it.)

For those of you who have already finished the book and are sending me your favorite characters, parts, etc, I am so excited to hear from you! Haha I won't lie; it definitely is a little weird having people hear me say something and be, like, "Oh my gosh! I could totally see Rose saying something like that!" I find myself doing little double takes and then saying, "Oh yeah, they know who she is now." Haha I guess she's  just been a person in my head, a literal figment of my imagination, for so long that I'm having to adjust to people actually knowing who she is. It's a good kind of unease, though!

On my person front, there's some issues going on in my person life, so if you guys could give me a little slack with responding to emails and getting back to you promptly, I'd appreciate it. It's not that I don't want to help you out and hear from you - I totally do! - it's more-so that I have a whole, whole lot on my plate right now and I'm trying really hard to figure out how to deal with it. 

Other news: Next Friday (February 15, 2013), I'm speaking at the "Write in the Middle" young author's conference at Montevallo University! I don't think it's open to the public, unfortunately, but if you are one of the lucky students who is planning on attending, I can't wait to see you there!! (:

So, for a question, I'll answer the one I've been getting the most since the unofficial release of The Gifted.

Question: When will The Claimed (Book 2) be available?

Answer: WOULDN'T WE BOTH LIKE TO KNOW? Haha but seriously. Like, a big LOL at that one. The Claimed is still in the writing stages, at about 45% completion. The plan is to have it in the hands of the editors by June, so that the novel could release roughly a year later, but we shall see! I promise I'll do my best to work on it, but these things, believe it or not, take time!

I hope you're all having wonderful weeks and enjoying the novel! Remember to send me a picture of you holding it if you want to be featured on the website! That portion of the site should be going up soon! (:

Peace, Love, and God Bless!


Posted on: February 6, 2013 9:49 PM

Entry Seven and Fifty.

Hello, dear internet traveler!

Oh my goodness. This week? THIS WEEK, Y'ALL. I don't even have words for this, which is somewhat rare considering my occupation. For those of you who are unfamiliar with what I am freaking out about, let me inform you: The Gifted has officially gone on sale directly through my publishers before it will be released in bookstores nationwide early April! That means that at this very second, there is someone reading my book. Please excuse me while I pass out and die. I can't even deal with that thought right now.

For other news, I'm holding a very, very informal meet and greet at the Panera Bread in the Lee Branch shopping center in Birmingham, Alabama this Sunday (1.20.13) from 3:30 pm - 6:30 pm. It's seriously super informal; I'm basically just going to sit around, eating and reading, until someone shows up and wants to talk about The Gifted. I'm really, really excited, but also a little freaked out. Haha, doing a book signing is kind of equivalent to my hands falling off and being eaten by sharks on the scale of situations I'm totally comfortable in. I love talking to people about writing and the book in general, but it also completely terrifies me. Yeah, I know that's something I apparently should get over. *sigh*

Oh, my roommate says hello. She's currently playing on Zoo Tycoon where she built a custom "Gifted" ride, complete with an intensity rating of 17/10 and a nausea rating classified as "extremely high". So pretty much, it's a death trap, but heeeey. At least it works, right? (;

On a random side tangent, can I give a big internet high five to all of you who I don't actually know in person? It makes me so many kinds of excited every time I get an email from someone who I literally have no idea who they are. The grapevine is a strange, strange thing, but apparently it works, because I get to hear from new people daily!

OH! And guess what else? I AM ON AMAZON. It's like I'm a real author. It's so, so weird searching my name and seeing that my novel is actually there to purchase. (It's currently just a preorder for the Kindle ebook, but the actual paperback will be available after April 9th when the novel is released in stores).

Wouldn't it be weird if we replaced all "s"'s with "z"'s. Like, "I went to the cafeteria and had a znack. It waz zo tazty."

I don't even know why I typed that. Gah, I'm such a freak.

But let's answer a question! This one (kind of..?) comes from Kat White!

Question: How would I describe my feelings about the fact that people are actually reading the novel now instead of just hearing you talk about it?

Answer: Have I mentioned dying yet? Haha but really, that's kind of how it feels. Like, obviously I've wanted people to read it and get Rose's story out there, but at the same time, there is this huge sense of vulnerability that I can't shake. It's like knowing that naked pictures of you are out there floating around. I don't know who has seen it, what they think of it, or if every time someone brings it up, they've already judged it. Don't get me wrong; I am so eager to have people finally discuss their favorite parts of the novel and to ask me questions, but at the same time, having them ask questions means that they have seen a part of me I'm not used to showing. I seldom let people read what I write, with this novel being the huge, gaping exception to that. It's just a new, strange feeling to know that everyone, no matter who they are or where they live, has the chance of having read my work. It kind of makes me a smidgen paranoid, actually. Haha, I guess that's one of those things I'll just have to "get over" too. (;

Well that's all for now! I can't wait to see you all Sunday! (:

Peace, Love, and God Bless!


Posted on: January 16, 2013 10:20 PM

Entry Six and Fifty.


Why, yes. Yes I am alive, worried blogging fans. I've received a few endearingly worried emails (one with a "WHY YOU NO BLOG?" grumpy-cat meme attached) and I am blogging now to ease your fears about my untimely death.  I am, in fact, alive. The reason for the huge gap between this blog and my last was a build up of certain things. Firstly, Christmas and New Years happened. WOO! I love the holidays, and I hope yours were wonderful, but at the same time, I HATE THEM. You know why I hate them? OFFICES ARE CLOSED FOR THEM. So that means there was roughly a week where I heard nothing from my publishing team. That makes me antsy. Also, I told you all that I would have my release date in the next blog, but then I ran into the wonderful road-block of two missing periods. Adding punctuation to an already-printed novel (I had my printed proof) is more than a headache. It goes through about 4 people's hands before it can proceed, so that, too, added about three weeks of headaches. I was procrastinating blogging until I had that date because I didn't want to let any of you down, but of course, in doing so, I made some of you think I'd launched myself off a very large cliff.

So, now that that's been cleared up, let me say this. With 99.999999% certainty I can tell you that YOU CAN PURCHASE THE NOVEL STARTING NEXT MONTH. WOOOOOO!!!! It will be available through mail order online (through the website) because the NATION-WIDE (EEEEK!) distribution in stores will be in roughly four months. I won't tell you when I shall be able to tell you that exact date because every time I do that, I end up jinxing it and something insane goes wrong. SO, what I recommend is checking back here as often as possible and looking for the release date. Don't worry; It will be huge and bolded and probably multicolored. I *will* be doing book signings at book stores in the Birmingham, Alabama; Tuscaloosa, Alabama; and Tupelo, Mississippi. I will also be speaking at Montevallo University, February 15th, and I WILL have novels there with me to purchase (before they're officially on sale!). More info will come with all of that later. (:

--Side note: I've had a few inquiries for teachers wanting to know how to purchase the book in mass quantities and about how much I charge for speaking at schools. Firstly, if you contact me DIRECTLY (through my convenient "Contact" tab on the left) I can help you out with discounts as far as mass-orders go. The discount will be substantial, I promise. Secondly, I do not charge for speaking engagements. You all do not even understand how much of a favor you are doing me when you ask me to speak; the least I can do is spare you money that can be used elsewhere.

So, now to my life. The second novel is a beautiful little train wreck, currently. Haha it's beautiful because the characterization is coming along wonderfully and really going in the direction I want... but the overall fixing of the plot it maddening. Hopefully I can have that done very, very soon. (And now I'm laughing at myself because I know how implausible that is.)

On the personal front, next month is my one-year anniversary with my boyfriend. Don't worry, I'm not going to get all sappy. I'm just going to say that it feels very weird being where I'm at. I kind of feel like I'm "playing" grown up. Like, I just signed my first apartment lease and am slowly collecting all the household things I'll need. I bought a new car and am now budgeting so I can buy a charmingly hideous pug to live with me in this apartment. Oh, and the fact that I'm planning book signings and talking about royalties and marketing and the future of my series kind of makes me feel weird, too. I'm eighteen, y'all. Haha that used to sound so old to me, but now I'm sitting here, juggling my jobs and my double-major and my joke of a social life and I'm kind of at a loss for words. People are always asking me how I do it, and to be perfectly honest, I don't know how not to do it. The concept of not having something going on is incredibly foreign to me. I think I might just explode if I didn't have something I needed to be doing at all times.

Hm. What else to say. I thought I had tons and tons of things to ramble about on here, but I need to be at work in less than an hour and my mother just called me, so I kind of lost my train of thought. I love when that happens... said no one ever.

So, let's just answer a question. This one comes from one of the original fans, Mr. Daniel Barber!

Question: Where did the idea for Rose's power (her beauty) come from?

Answer: This is actually kind of funny. One of my favorite themes in literature is the appearance vs. reality theme. I love writing characters that are externally "perfect" but internally very, very imperfect. I have always done this in my writings in one way or another, but it manifested into one of Rose's Gifts in a somewhat unexpected way. My mother has a habit of being a little more blunt in situations than she should be. She will always tell you the truth, which is appreciated, but at the same time, she will also say exactly what everyone is thinking but doesn't dare say. Once, we were talking about a friend of the family who we will call Jan.  Jan had just recently done something exceptionally dumb. I forget exactly what she'd done, but it was something that common sense would have told the average person not to do. We were all joking about how we worried about Jan in the future trying to find a job because there wasn't a whole lot we could see her doing. My mother, very bluntly, just said, "Well, it's a good thing she's so pretty then, because at least her face will get her what she wants." That somehow struck a little writer nerve in me and from there, the idea about a face being so incredibly beautiful, it drives men mad was born.

Of course, Jan will never, ever know this. (;


That's all I have for now, guys. Check back in soon for news on how to buy The Gifted!

Peace, Love, and God Bless!


Posted on: January 3, 2013 3:16 PM

Entry five and Fifty


Entry Five and Fifty.

Wow. That's pretty much the only word I have to describe what has transpired these past few days. There have been SO many of you to contact me this week. Since I posted the picture of me holding the novel to Imgur only three days ago, I've received over forty-eight emails and the website views have grown nearly eight times what they were. I know all of those views weren't by people who were interested in the novel - and that's okay - but those of you that were and have now asked me how to buy it have truly made my week... or pretty much my life.

That being said, I'm going to take a guess that a great deal of you are new to the blog and the website. Let me take a second to say, Welcome! And also, this blog is the epitome of my weirdness. I am completely random, all over the place, and because I'm writing with the cloak of the internet, I forget social graces and become incredibly weird. Haha, it makes things a little awkward for me when people mention reading the blog when I meet them in real life. Then I'm forced to acknowledge the fact that I'm really this much of a freak face-to-face. So... ANY WHO. Welcome to the crazy that is my life. Every blog I rant about my life, update everyone on news with the novel, and answer a question sent in by a fan. If you'd like to ask me a question, you can message me through my facebook fan page or DM me on twitter (both accounts are linked at the bottom of the page), or you can email me directly at AnnaKathrynDavis@aol.com. I love hearing from people and I try to respond to emails within 24 hours. (This week was a fluke. There were nearly fifty of y'all. Cut me some slack. It won't happen again...probably.)

But now, for all you hardcore fans who have been here since the beginning, because you suffered through that old news, here's a picture of a cat riding a horse:




But now to book-y things. I'm still waiting to hear back from my production manager for when the official release date will be. There's pretty much nothing for me to do right now except sit here and wait... and probably write on the sequel or even study for my finals, but I haven't done a whole lot of any of that, so I'm still waiting. I wish I had a date for you guys; I know some of you are getting as antsy as I am. It's really hard not knowing, especially when the novel has been hyped as much as it has.

Oh, this is kind of book-ish. I read the first negative comments about the novel on Saturday. I won't lie; at first, they hurt my feelings. I read them and basically melted into a puddle on my boyfriend's carpeting. But, Christopher, being as blunt as he is, made me understand it in a way I hadn't thought of before. Even if my novel is the crappiest, most poorly written piece of excrement ever published, it was still published. I still wrote it, had it picked up by a house, and had the courage to put it out there for the world to see. That being said, I shouldn't listen to anyone's opinion unless they've done the same, because, ultimately, they have no idea what it's like to be in my shoes and are, therefore, only letting out hot air. Of course, I'm not nearly as cut and dry as Christopher is, so I've resolved myself to not reading the comments. Haha, it's not because the majority of them were mean. They weren't! Out of the 2146 people who voted on Imgur, only 140 disliked it. Of course, I'd love to make 2146/2146 people happy, but even I, who live in the world of happiness and sunshine, admit that's impossible. I'm rather proud of my  93.5% positive ratings, as is.

This is on a side note, but I declared a double major today. I'm officially majoring in English and biology instead of majoring in English and minoring in biology. When I told my friends today, one of them asked me if I plan on writing biology textbooks after graduating. Let's just say that if that's where my writing career takes me, I have plenty to weep about, because no, I don't want to write biology textbooks...ever.

I'm also watching the third Pirates of the Caribbean and the scene where Kiera Knightly stands on the edge of the ship and gives her inspirational speech? CHILLSSSS. 

But alright. Let's answer a question, shall we?

I received quite a few emails this week, as I've said. Actually, quite a few is an insane understatement, but that's alright! Most of the questions had been addressed in previous blogs, so I posted the links to those blogs in my response. Please don't get offended if I responded to your email like that. It's mainly so that I can give you all the information I have in a (relatively) organized manner. A lot of the questions I'm asked require long answers and if I have to continuously retype answers, I know I'm bound to forget something. So please! Don't get offended. And as always, if you have a question I haven't addressed, feel free to email me and I'll try to help in whatever way I can! (:

So, that being said, today's question comes from Madison in New Hampshire! 

Question: Have I received any backlash from being as young as I am, writing professionally?

Answer: Well, I'm not sure if backlash is the right term. Mainly what happens is, because I'm so young, people tend to think they know more than I do. I get a lot of "advice" and a lot of people trying to tell me they know better. A great deal of that advice is really, really helpful, and I'd like to think that the people offering it are coming from a good place. However, being this young, I've also learned that it's very difficult sometimes for adult writers who are established to take me seriously.I do have to kind of put my foot down more brusquely than my nature would like, sometimes, but that's just how it is. It's a lot of saying, "Yes, that's a valid point, but I know what I'm talking about and that's not the direction I want to take." It's very easy to get manhandled at this age because everyone thinks they have something to teach you. 

Don't get me wrong; I'm certain that I could learn something from any writer I speak with. The difference is that in a normal conversation between two authors where both authors perceive the other as an equal, there is a mutual exchange of knowledge; both authors (hopefully) have an open mind and are willing to listen to the other's ideas and perspective. I've found that in a lot of my dealings with people, I'm spoken down to like a child. It's not purposeful or meant to be patronizing, I don't think; it's more that most people don't expect to learn anything from someone a great deal younger than themselves, especially at something they've possibly devoted their lives to, like writing.  

Also, something kind of intimidating about being this young is that a lot of people are going to pick up the novel, looking for it to be poorly written just to prove that someone of my age cannot write professionally. It's sad because if there's one thing my mother taught me, it's that if you go looking for something, you're going to find it. My novel isn't Tolkein or Whitman or anything groundbreaking. It's young adult fiction, meant only to entertain. I love writing; it's my passion. It takes me to a different place where the stresses of normal life don't really exist. I write professionally because if I can take someone else to that place and help distract them for a little while, then I'm happy. That's all I'm trying to do.


That's all for the questions. If you'll forgive this, I have A LOT of people to mention!!

Firstly, let me send a big shout out to Coosa Valley Academy and Sarah Hoynes for their interest in the novel! I gained quite a few followers from that area and I'm very thankful! 

Second, big shout outs to John Harder, Pasi Pauna from Finland, John Shurley, Simon Brandon, and Allison Smith for taking the time to contact me personally, sharing their stories and letting me know how the novel has already influenced them, even before it has come out!

I'm so thankful for all your continued support and positive vibes you've been sending my way! As always, if there's anything I can do to help any of you out, let me know!

Have a wonderful, wonderful week!

Peace, Love, and God Bless!


Entry Four and Fifty


Entry Four and Fifty

Hello dear reader! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving this past week! Mine was kind of all over the place. I went to my boyfriend's family's home for Thanksgiving for the first time. They were wonderful, as expected, but I stressed out like crazy beforehand. I spent four hours making this chocolate buttermilk cake with chocolate ganache icing ALL from scratch. It was, by far, the prettiest thing I've ever cooked, but that just made me that much more paranoid about it being eaten. Haha, I was having nightmares that I was going to drop it on the way to the car or, like, a herd of genetically engineered mice would come and eat it all before I could stop them. Neither of those things happened and his family loved it.. though, I'm not sure if they loved it as much as my coworkers. Haha, I had about half the cake left over after eating lunch with them, so I took it with me to work later that night. There was absolutely nothing left by the end of the night, and my boss now wants me to make one for his wife. Haha, I think that it's safe to say, the cake was a success. (Which, by the way, surprised even me, because my cooking skills have been more than lacking in the past..)

But moving on with book news... Since the last blog, exactly 14 days ago, the facebook fan page has grown to 340 fans. Please, let me take a moment to bow down and worship all of you. That is truly BEYOND amazing. I am so thankful on so many levels that I cannot even put into words. You all are truly wonderful, so thank you.

Also, book news: the next step in the novel process is the last one: PRINTING. That means that the next thing I should hear will be my release date. EEEEEEK. Haha unfortunately for me, that means I've got to buckle down on the second novel for real. *sigh* The work of an author never ends. (;

On a personal level, these next two weeks are going to be a little hectic for me, so it'll probably be a little hard for me to get on here and respond to emails (even though I appreciate them so much!) because I'm approaching finals. My biology final, the one I am stressing big time about, is on the twelfth, my math final is the tenth, and my music final is the fourteenth. If any of you are thinking of me on any of those mornings, I could really use a little prayer! Haha believe me: I'll definitely need all the help I can get. 

It's not that I'm doing poorly in any of my classes, because I'm not. It's just that I've never had to study for a cumulative exam before. In high school, we did these things called "benchmarks" but they only spanned over a single nine weeks and they hardly effected our grades. It's a new thing for me to take a test that covers so much material and that can effect my grade so much, so I'm pretty much just praying that I'm preparing for them all correctly.

But okay, let's answer a question, shall we? (:

Question:  Where do I see my writing career going in the future?

Answer: Well, I'm asked this a lot in interviews and also when people learn that I'm currently an English major. Mostly, my answer hasn't changed. I'm really leaving what happens up to God because I'm not sure what I want to do. I've always wanted to be a doctor, ever since I was little, but if that's not where I'm supposed to be, I'm prepared for that. As cheesy as it sounds, I've been given the gift of being able to communicate through words. I've been given a platform to get my message out there, too. The biggest thing for me is that I love people; I want to help people. It's why I'm drawn to medicine. However, I know that being a doctor isn't the only way to help people, and if it's in God's plan for me to help people another way, maybe even through my writing, then that's what I'll do. Writing for me is an outlet. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to turn my passion into an occupation, but ultimately, it's always going to be something I love before something I do for income. That being said, I'm hesitant to rely on it solely for my income, because I don't want something I love to become something stressful.

So basically, I have no idea what I'll do in the future, and, for now, I'm okay with that. (;

Well that's all for now, guys! I've got to get to work! (:

Peace, Love, and God Bless! 


Entry Three and Fifty


Entry Three and Fifty

Goooood afternoon, dear internet traveler! I hope this blog post finds you in an absolutely wonderful mood! (:

So let me start out this blog with a few squeals of excitement over a few "land mark" things to happen with the book. Firsty, my facebook fanpage has officially reached over 100 fans!! This is not only completely awesome, but it's also good for all of you people, because once the novel is out, I will be doing promotional things with the fans. Like, for instance, there will be a random fan of the page who will receive a FREE, autographed copy of the novel. If you would be interested in this, go like the fan page (linked at the bottom of the page) and cross your fingers! Also, in the past two weeks, website trafficking has nearly tripled. That means more of you glorious people are taking part in this blog and experiencing all of the hype that The Gifted is! So, super big thanks to all of you who contributed to the webcount increase! And thirdly, perhaps the largest thing yet, I RECEIVED MY HARD COPY OF The Gifted. It's beautiful and glorious and wonderful and so many kinds of real. Haha, an *as promised*, I did get me opening the book on camera. Go to the "Videos" section of the website and scroll to the last video. It's totally there in all my awkward glory. I hope you enjoy it. (;

Currently, what I'm doing is going through the actual printed novel and catching typos/misformatting. I was a little disappointed because I expected it to be perfect and wonderful and absolutely flawless, but of course that wasn't the case. It's to be expected though. A lot of "basic errors" like periods, spacing, etc aren't really obvious until they're on hard paper right in front of your eyes. So those of course have to be fixed, but for the most part, I am so beyond satisfied in how it turned out.  I can't even put into words how weird it feels to be reading my own story, published in a real book. Like, turning the book over and seeing my face on the back cover nearly makes me pass out every time I see it. It's so many kinds of surreal.

Also, a little side note, the amount of wonderful support I've received since posting the pictures of the hard novel on facebook has been beyond heart warming. Every day I am surprised and completely warmed by the positive support I'm receiving, even from people I never really spoke to. I mean it on SO many levels when I say that I read EVERY comment and truly take it all to heart. I am so blessed to have so many wonderful people who are just as eager as I am (in some cases, MORE eager) for this novel to come full circle. I am honored so many of you find inspiration in my story and I mean this on so many levels: if I can ever repay any of the happiness and blessings you all have bestowed upon me, please do not hesitate to ask. If you will forgive the cheesy, I am your servant, in your debt completely. It's truly how I feel towards every one of my fans, so once again, all I can say is thank you all so, so, so much for believing in my dream.

Now that my cheesy ramble of love and gratitude is over, let's answer a question, shall we? (:

Question: What do I intend to do once the novel is out?

Answer: Cry. Pee my pants. Run laps around my neighborhood naked.

Haha, okay, obviously not, but I'm definitely going to freak out. I'm currently working out throwing a release party, open to the public, of course. Anyone is welcome to come, chit chat, squeal with me every time I remember why I'm throwing the party in the first place. It'll be somewhere public, either a restaurant, library, or bookstore, depending solely on the cooperation of the venue. As excited as WE all are for this novel to finally hit shelves, most book stores see it as another title. Haha, I'd have to really sell it to get them to let me do the release party there. Once more information is known and available, though, I will let you all know, for sure!

On the long-term scale, I am considering doing a smaller tour-ish thing depending on when the release is and how I can fit it into my current school schedule. (I have a scholarship to consider!) I definitely plan on doing speaking engagements, seeing as they have become one of my favorite things to do. (If you're interested in booking, you're in luck! I come totally free of charge! Haha just send me an email through the contact page!) Also, once the novel is available for purchase, I will be under that much more pressure to get the second out for reader consumption. After all, the fans are the most important part of this whole thing and I don't want to keep you all waiting any longer than you have to! 


That's all I have for now, guys! I hope you all have a wonderful week, and, in case I don't blog before then, have an absolutely stellar Thanksgiving holiday! (:

Peace, Love, and God Bless!



Entry Two and Fifty

Entry Two and Fifty

Why, hello dear Internet traveller. Some of you may have noticed my website turning into a chameleon these past few days, and for that, I apologize. We've been playing around with different designs, trying to capture the "essence" of the novel's cover. I finally picked this one; I'm rather fond of its simplicity.

Oh, and just in case you weren't paying attention to those last few sentences: I HAVE THE COVER TO THE NOVEL. Here it is:




Isn't it glorious? (Don't worry. I didn't design it so it's not bragging!) The only changes will be my name at the bottom. When I signed my contract with the company, I signed with my legal name (Anna Davis). Also, for all my email corresponding between my teams, I always sign with "Anna" or "Anna Davis", so the design team didn't realize I used my full name as my pen-name. That will be the only change to the cover. Other than that, it is complete!

I literally almost peed my pants when I saw it. I had this horrible, reoccurring nightmare that the cover was going to be, like, fluorescent blue with lime green writing and flowers all over the front of it. Even though that has literally nothing to do with the novel, I just kept freaking out about it... so I basically harassed my poor design team. I sent them at least fifteen pictures of covers I liked and didn't like, only I had a had a hard time articulating what I didn't like about them. I'm pretty sure I said I liked one cover because it just had that "oooooo" factor. Oh, and I mentioned the word "intense" a minimum of forty times. Somehow, though, the angels that are my design team pulled through and truly blessed me with a beautiful cover.

Also, keeping with the book news, I am expecting to have the first printed proof of my novel in the next few days!! It's already been printed; I'm just waiting for the wonderful mailing people to deliver it to my front door. I don't think any of you understand how eager I am to open that. I've had a few requests of people asking me to film when I first open the package, and I am totally in love with that idea. Haha, so unless I'm, like, hideously disfigured between now and then, I will be posting a new video of me seeing my novel for the first time. I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WAIT.

Oh, also, the Gifted trilogy has now become the The Gifted Cycle, complete with four books. The second book will no longer be entitled The Infested. That will be the title of the third book. The second book will be The Claimed. I expect to finish writing that one by about June and then it will enter the emotional roller-coaster that the Gifted currently is.  Haha, I'm both excited and terrified for that. Juggling one book in the middle of the rest of all my daily activities is pretty intense, so juggling 2 while writing the third might actually kill me. What fun. 

This is totally random, but my roommate is sitting in the corner of my room, playing on her phone as I write this. She just fed me cinnamon bread. Apparently I forget to eat while writing so it's a good thing I have people like her to remind me I'm still human. Oh, and the bread was about to expire so of course we had to eat it.

Hey. I want a pug for my birthday, in case any of you are feeling lovey and would like to supply me with one. My birthday isn't until June 26, so you've got some time. 

I think that's enough random blogging. How about I answer a question, eh?

(That "eh?" just made me think of the moose from Brother Bear. I lol'ed.)

Question: How do I feel about people comparing my work to other pieces already written?

Answer: Honestly, I can't think of a single writer who enjoys this. It's not only terrifying, but a little bit insulting, in my opinion. It scares me to death because people who hear my novel description alwayssay things like "Oh! That sounds like a mash-up between The Hunger Games and Percy Jackson!" or "Oh, that reminds me of this one part in Harry Potter..." Let me tell you: as an unpublished author, knowing people are already comparing your works to the biggest names in YA fiction is terrifying. Those titles are so well known because they are wildly successful; most novels don't reach that level of popularity. When people compare my stuff to it, especially knowing they haven't read my novel, I get incredibly nervous that they will be disappointed. It's not that I don't have pride in my own work - I do - it's just that I don't want anyone expecting Michelangelo and getting disappointed when it's not The Creation of Man, if you can follow that reference.

Also, having your work compared to other authors' works is mildly agitating. Of course I'll never get upset with someone for comparing anything because I know they don't mean it offensively. It's just that after spending a year writing the novel and another year publishing it, nothing makes it feel less accomplishing than when someone insinuates that it's all been done before. Haha, don't get me wrong. I'm fully aware that most plots in every story can be fit into about three basic plot molds, but that doesn't mean I don't feel like my novel is any less of a "special snowflake" when finished. I put my life into this piece; I don't want to feel like I'm just regurgitating someone else's story.

If that response seemed sassy, I'm totally sorry. That was not my intention. I'm just naturally a sassmaster. I cannot help it. (;

Before I leave, (which is a totally weird choice of wording since I'm physically going nowhere...) I wanted to address something I mentioned in my last blog. I said something about wanting to have a get-together with other young authors. I had a few people interested, and I'm currently working on the kinks to see if that would even be possible. I'll post more information as I have it. I'm so thrilled a couple of you were as eager as I was!

Alright, that's it guys. I'm going to stuff my face with unhealthy foods! Have a wonderful and safe week!!

Peace, love, and God Bless!



Entry 51.5


Entry 51.5

There's a whooooole lot of stuff I've got to talk about in this blog, so brace yourselves: it's going to be a long one.

Firstly, you may have noticed that the title of this blog is a little bit different than the usual. It's ".5" because, let's be honest, my last blog wasn't really a blog, so this is kind of like the continuation of that blog. Now, I didn't say it in the "one and fifty" format because I literally have no idea how to incorporate a half into that. I guess it'd be "Entry one and one half and fifty" but that just looks dumb so we're going to roll with what I have. (;

Second, I understand that this blog is forever and ever since my last blog, and for that I do apologize. I had intended to do one sooner, obviously, but technology hates me and so that just didn't happen. I know this is going to sound crazy, but I literally have no free time... and I literally mean none. I work 20 - 28 hours a week and go to school full time in an honors college. I haven't watched ACTUAL television in such a long time I'm ashamed to call myself a teenager. It's not an excuse, I promise you that, but it's just an explanation for why I take so long. I'm not in high school any more. I don't have the two hours a week I used to invest in this. If that upsets you, PLEASE take it up with my biology professor. He has stolen my free time... and my soul. Haha, okay, that was weird. Whatever.

But now to bloggy things. Let me give you a few updates on the book!

- I had a photo shoot of sorts this previous Thursday. Haha, please, let me tell you how awkward I was. It was ridiculously embarrassing. BUT, I had an excellent photographer (Julie Sumerel, once the pictures are posted, I'll post a link to her website if any of you are interested!) so I'm pretty sure the pictures are going to turn out phenomenal. I had a few head-shots taken, and one of those will be used for the photograph in the back of the novel, and a few of the others are going to be used throughout the website, primarily on the "about the author" section. So be on the look out for those! I expect to have them within the next week or so! (:

-The cover of the novel and the page layout are being designed AS WE SPEAK. EEEEEEK!!! I should have the designs and everything to me by the end of this month and the HARD COPY OF THE NOVEL IN MY HANDS BY THE END OF NOVEMBER. *run around room screeching in victory and punching the air* Yeah. That just happened.

-The Infested (the sequel to The Gifted) is coming along veeeery nicely. I'm a little worried about the length, though. I'm about 115 pages in, and I haven't hit the climax.... haha that was kind of howThe Gifted was, though, so I'm just trying to focus on writing it and not on how much will be cut and lost to the forgotten world that is word cuts. For the first time in about about a month, I have no homework... which means I'm going to write until my eyes bleed. EEEEEEEK!! I'm excited. 

This is so many kinds of random, but I shut my finger in a filing cabinet like ten minutes ago and it is literally pulsating. I feel my life force every time I type with it. APPRECIATE MY LOVE FOR YOU. I am blogging through the pain.

Hey. You should follow me on twitter @anna_kathrynn and like my fanpage on facebook at www.facebook.com/annakathryndavis . 

Oh, by the way, I've had a random influx lately of young writers emailing me and can I say HECK YES? I love hearing from other people in my age group that share in my passion! For so long I never told anyone I wrote because I thought it was kind of a weird thing for me to be doing at 16, but apparently there's a lot of us literature nerds! I love it! Feel free to contact me - email or facebook! I love chatting and hearing from everyone. 

This just kind of hit me as I was writing that last paragraph, but I'd kind of like to do a workshop thing with young writers, only not really a "workshop". I guess it'd be more like a sharing time? No, that sounds so many levels of stupid. Haha, basically what I'm picturing in my head is a small group of young writers getting together and networking, talking about what they enjoy writing and answering each other's questions. I'd be there to answer professional questions, of course, but at the same time, I would also love to hear from others, too, though because I still have questions. Hm. Let me think on this. If you'd be interested or have any suggestions on how to make it work, please contact me! (annakathryndavis@aol.com)

So let's answer a question.

Question: What's the most important thing for me after the novel comes out?

Answer: Well, there's a lot of ways to interpret this question, I guess. Mainly, I want to keep writing, to keep Rose's story going. I really don't want it to die with her. So time management is going to be a big thing, because on top of my 2 jobs, school stuff, and writing a novel (the sequel), I'm also going to be throwing in marketing a novel that's already out. I have a feeling "To-Do" Lists are going to be my best friend. Okay, I'll be honest: they already are. My room is covered in them.

But also, on another level, I really am challenging myself to stay humble. I want to make sure I'm giving the glory to God, because in my eyes, He's the reason I have the chances I do. I want to stay true to myself, as well, because no matter how big or how small of a success this novel turns out to be, I still want to keep myself the same. I like who I am and where I'm at. Sure, there are a few things I'd like to change, but one of the things I pride myself on is my ability to just have fun. I don't want to get too worked up so that I lose that or so that I don't allow myself new opportunities because they may come about in different ways that I expect. No matter where this novel goes, I still want to stay the same goof ball kid. That's a really big thing for me.

I hope that answered your question! I liked that one, a lot, actually! 

The next blog should have pictures from the photo shoot! OOH! GET EXCITED!

Stay safe this week!

Peace, Love, and God Bless!




Actual Entry Fifty... because I can't count


Entry Fifty.

So in celebration of my fiftieth blog, EVER, I decided to Google "The Best Thing Ever" and "The Greatest Thing In The World" and post those picturese here. So here you go!







Hope you enjoy that. Personally, I would kind of like to see a combination of the two... Like, Betty White as a unicorn throwing up rainbows while battling the cast of Golden Girls with light sabers. Thatwould truly be the best thing ever.

But anyways, back to the normal blog, which basically means back to me rambling about my life. It's been a pretty slow week with the book. The design team has the baby (the manuscript, for all you newcomers) and they're doing all kinds of design-y things with the possible covers and chapter headings. I'm excited to see how it all turns out!

For my personal life, things are pretty smooth, I guess. I have my first math exam tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes. Don't get me started on the math program at U of A. Seriously, computers suck. Whoever thought that not lecturing a LECTURE course and instead having students teach themselves through a trial-and-error computer system is not my friend. If I had his email, I would strike him a "very strongly worded email", of which so many of you are fond. Then a week from tomorrow I have my first biology exam. That's really the one I'm super stressed about. There's just so much information and no real guide for us to follow on what information we need to know. There's roughly 395 slides, but only 50 questions on the test. Tell me how that's not maddening. I'm basically learning 345 slides of pointlessness because it won't be on the test and the final exam is NOT cumulative. *sigh* Enough of my college ramblings. Let's get on to the questions!

Question: Where do I find time to write amongst all my other commitments?

Answer: Well, it's definitely not easy. I'm a full-time student in an Honors College, I work 2 jobs, and, of course, have to find time to actually have the social life an eighteen year old girl is supposed to have, on top of writing and editing two separate books. There are definitely days where I don't write at all. It's gotten worse since I've moved to college. I usually try not to go longer than a week between writing binges, mainly just for my sanity. I do a lot of juggling. I do a lot of "If I do my math homework due tomorrow tonight, I can have two hours to write tomorrow night instead." It just requires a whole lot of time management and planning. It's difficult, but definitely not impossible!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous week! Stay safe!

Peace, Love, and God Bless!



This upcoming Saturday is when I'll be speaking at the Author's Conference in Clanton! Check the "Appearances and Promotional Info" tab for more information! I would love to see you there! (:

Entry Fifty


Entry Nine And Forty.

I am creating a new law where I have the power to revoke any law I previously created if I don't like it. So, to enact this new law, I am going to repeal the previous law where I said I was going to blog twice a week. Go ahead, burn me at the stake and call me a heretic; I DON'T CARE. I have a life, people. I just started college and I'm juggling editing one book, writing another, and a part time job on top of that. I AM SORRY MY WORDS OF WISDOM AND CHEESY HUMOR ARE NOT COMING QUICKLY ENOUGH FOR YOUR LIKING. I SHALL TRY HARDER; PLEASE STOP SENDING ME EMAILS.

Just kidding on that last part. You all know I love your emails. Well, most of them. Sleep in fear wondering which ones I'm excluding. BUM BUM BUUUUUUM.

But hey, let's talk book news. How about the fact that I am Completely, 100% done with editing The Gifted forever? Yeah. That larger font just happened. In all seriousness, though: it's done, like, forever. I will never, ever open a manuscript for The Gifted and have to edit it again. Tell me that's not beautiful, because I think it totally is. Now, as of Monday, the book is in the capable hands of the design team, meaning I shall have cover designs and chapter layouts very soon. EEEEEK!!! Exciting!

But now for the question. This question was actually asked to me about six months ago, and I was afraid to answer it because I wasn't sure how personal I wanted to get with my fan-base. I don't say that like I don't want y'all to know who I am.  That would be a stupid thing to say considering I rant about my daily life on here and post pictures of all my pointlessnesses pretty regularly. If you read this blog and still don't have any sense of who I am as a person, well, then, I am failing you, dear reader, and I apologize. Anyways, back to my first topic. The reason I was debating answering it is because I'm a firm believer in not airing your "dirty laundry" out for the public to see. I was just raised that way and so that's how I live my life. So, when someone asked me this question, I was unsure how to answer it without throwing my laundry right out in the middle of the town square, if you'll follow the analogy. However, I've been thinking about it, and I think that it's time I address it. So here you go.

Question: Is it really necessary for me to sign all my blog posts and emails with "Peace, Love, and God Bless," because does my religion really have anything to do with my writing?

Answer:  I'm not sure if this question was meant to discourage me from signing that, or if it was a true, pure-hearted inquiry. I'm going to address it as if it was the latter, though. (:

Firstly, let me start out by saying that I am a Christian author, though I am not an author of Christian novels. The Gifted is not a huge biblical analogy, and any reference in the text to God or the Bible was made merely because a certain character believed or didn't believe. So don't think that what I write next means that my novel is only for those who are Christians. Though I welcome everyone to explore their faith, I assure you all that The Gifted is for everyone: Christians, Atheists, scientifically-enhanced monkeys, and everyone in between. 

But, going back to the original question, I sign my blogs and emails with "Peace, Love, and God Bless" because it means something to me, and yes, that means it means something to my writing. Pertaining to the "Peace" and "Love" of the signature, that is mainly because I am a very "kumbaya" kind of person. I believe in acceptance of every culture and every aspect that makes an individual unique, and so those lines of the signature are just my little way of saying that I'm open for everyone. Peace and love are what I want people to think of last when they finish my blog. Yeah, roll your eyes. It does sound pretty flower-child, but whatever. I guess I'm a hippie at heart.

As for the "God Bless": I write this because I am a Christian and I really do mean what it implies. I am asking God to bless everyone who reads it. If you're not a Christian, don't think that means I'm trying to alienate you by signing it that way. I think that maybe the person who asked me this question felt that way, or didn't understand why I included it on a blog for a website about a book that I, myself, have declared as neutral on the religious front. Well, I write it because my relationship with God has influenced my writing, and so therefor, it is relevant.

Here's where my dirty laundry comes out.

As a young child, I found it very uncomfortable to talk about God. I knew I was supposed to believe in him, and so I did. However, believing in God to me, at that age, was bowing my head when someone said the blessing and being able to talk to my friends about what we did in church or when I was baptized. It wasn't really personal to me, but that was okay. I didn't mind it because I didn't know any better.

However, when I was about ten years old, some things started happening in my family that really tested that faith. My parents divorced shortly after I was born, so that left me in a single parent home. I never minded it, really, because I'd never known anything else, so that was my normal. When I was ten years old, though, my family was tested in a new way. Addiction riddled my home. A family member close to me lost control of his life and spiralled. There was a lot of screaming, a lot of scary nights spent awake listening to the voices downstairs, and a lot of things I kept to myself. I became an adult in the fifth grade, keeping adult secrets and understanding adult things in the world that I really wasn't ready for. Addiction, illnesses (both mental and physical), and heated arguments have always filled my home, but it really peaked in middle school when my family member was put into drug rehab for the first time.

During that time, my faith was tested. I couldn't understand how a God who was supposed to be merciful and loving would put so much on me. I felt abandoned and lost. It wasn't until many years later that I understood.

During the really bad times at home, I reached out to a teacher in my middle school. That teacher listened to me and really became a stable adult figure in my life. She was nurturing enough to notice my aptitude for writing, and she pushed me towards channeling my feelings into poetry. It was terrible poetry, honestly. There's a reason I write novels and not poems. I am no Whitman. But, the poetry she helped me discover acted as a gateway to me creatively writing prose, which in turn, led me to writing my first novel.

You see, looking back at it now, God hadn't deserted me. I felt like it because I was sad and scared and felt so alone, but in reality, he was giving me the building blocks that would make me the person - and the author - that I am now. He knew that I would be angry if he allowed the things in my home to get as bad as they did. He knew it would hurt me and I would lose faith in him, but he believed in my future and the person I would become so much so that he risked losing my adoration of him in order to make me a better person. That, to me, is the definition of a loving God. Had he not put the pressures onto me of having an unstable home life, I would have never reached out to that teacher that encouraged me to write, and then I would have never written that first novel and gotten myself here. God sees the big picture that we don't, and looking back now at the things I went through makes me even more sure that God never abandoned me. I just had to stick through it enough to look back and understand what He was trying to do.

So yes, the "God Bless" is important to my writing, because God is the reason I am writing today. I sign my blogs with it not only to spread His message and love to all of you, but also to remind myself that He is the reason I'm here and the reason I have the opportunity to blog as a professional author at the age of 18. I don't doubt the significance of my first novel being picked up by a Christian publishing house. 

I hope that wasn't too soap-boxy. I wasn't trying to preach to any of you or convert you if you're unwilling. At the end of the day, whether you're Christian, Muslim, or Atheist, it doesn't matter to me. I welcome you and accept you regardless. I just wanted to explain why I put what I do in hopes of you all better understanding me.

So, that's it, guys. I hope you're having a safe week! 

Peace, Love, and (as always) God Bless!




Entry Eight and Forty


Entry Eight and Forty.

Helllllo dear reader! I hope that this blog post finds you in a wonderful mood. If not, well, I'm sorry. If it makes it any better, I've been in a pretty sour mood all day, too. You may be wondering why I've been in a bad  mood, and of course, as my usual fashion, I will tell you... in great detail.

I'm a little overwhelmed.. and by a little, I mean absolutely-drowning. My classes require much more work than I originally thought they would. Don't get me wrong. I knew I would have a lot of work. It's college; I get that there's a lot of out-of-class requirements, but I just didn't comprehend how much there'd be. So far, I've only been to each of my classes once.. and I've had nearly 26 hours of homework. And my math LECTURE course isn't lectured. It's all online and basically self taught which is like fourteen kinds of terrible because I am good at math, but basically only when it's taught to me. This semester is going to be a little bit challenging. I've got all of those classes, the last little bits of this final edit, my honors assembly events, and the speaking engagements I've got scheduled. (Speaking of, check out the Appearances tab on the left side for information on the next event! It's coming up next month!)

But enough about my terribly stressful college life. Basically all you need to know about that is that I might end up dropping out and just writing books. Sound like a plan? Good.

So for today's le question: (It comes from Miss Kat White, of course.)

Question: I've mentioned my favorite authors in the past, and playing along with that, have I ever met any of them? Did I tell them that I was also a writer?

Answer: Well, I met Christopher Paolini once and that was probably one of the best days of my life. I skipped school to stand in line for three hours at a mall like twenty miles from my house, and then when I met him, I was in such awe that I think I might have managed to stutter my name. There was no conversing. Haha, I don't think I would have been able to form the words to tell him I wrote, even if I'd already been signed to the company (which I hadn't). The signing occurred about a month after I received my contract from Tate, but I hadn't signed it yet, so I was still kind of keeping the whole thing quiet. 

His signing did put a lot of things in perspective for me, though. There were people who had driven four hours to come get their books signed and just to meet him. I knew, then, that I wanted that. I wanted my pieces to influence people's live so much that they would be that eager and go to that great of lengths to come meet me. So I guess meeting him was one of the best days for me not only because I loved his work, but also because it affirmed my dreams and made me want it all that much more.

Alright, guys! That's all I've got tonight! I've got a 9:30 class I've got to be up for, so I'm going to hit the hay! Have a good week and a safe Labor Day!(:

Peace, Love, and God Bless!